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The Dreams of Elephants
by Kees-Jan Backhuys

A gathering of elephants and dodecahedrons

by 'Pucks'

Desert street

Innocent part
by 'martial'

a n innocent model on pov checker

by Gary MacKinnon

A realistically styled rendering of an Italian residential fascade.

A Bat in the Belfry
by Skip Talbot

A creature of the night, a bat, takes refuge in the house of eternal light. Is he a spy for the devil, or just a weary traveler looking for a place to rest?

St Dunstan Church in Flett Street
by 'St Dunstan'

View on St Dunstan Church in Fleet Street and Sweeney Todd's shop

by Tilo Helmig

transparent cube with drillings on each plane

3 glass plates
by 'buddy'

three different colored glass plates

Flower / Kraken
by 'symbiote'

multi-tentacled ancient outer alien flower titan god kraken entity thingy, or some such

by 'symbiote'

Lots of tentacles, lots of purple!

Under construction
by 'JC (Exether)'

This a kind of something that seems unfinished with some opened parts, just tried to provide some sense of material.

Mobile Home
by Antoine Valentim

The moon of a distant planet is being prepared for human colonization. An automated factory builds all that the colonists will need, including houses. We see one such house walking around the moon, looking for a good place to settle down.

Jewel Planet
by 'JC (Exether)'

A clear morning on an alien landscape of melting snow and warm ruby. Birds, further in the mist, are slowly turning in silence.

Still Life with Crows
by Joanne Simpson

Three birds, two people, one landscape, who is really up in the air?

African Caprice
by Jim Charter

Chimp-like primate and Songye power figure.

Women in Black
by Christoph Gerber

As the title says this was inspired by the Men in Black movies. The excellent Dominatrix character by Robert Sharkey as Woman in Black placed in a (hopefully) dirty looking industrial environment. In front there is an alien crawling out of a sewer.

City Lights
by 'ZeSly'

A big american truck entering a city by night

The Minack
by Sean Day

This is my attempt at modelling the Minack theatre in Cornwall, England

by 'jhu'

Street sign, stoplight, and a few houses

Calculated Dreams
by 'Rben'

The realization of the imagination through ray-tracing.

Brazilian Shangri-la
by Antoine Valentim

This is a town lost in the clouds, in some remote corner of Brazil.

yucca desert sunset
by 'seawolf'

a sunset scene in a desert like environment with some mountains and yucca plants

Modular Shuttle
by 'keycode'

Modular shuttle for transporting passengers and freight to giant space colonies

Pipe Organ
by 'NEWT'

Detail of a set of pipes. Any resemblance with actual instrument is purely coinciedencial.

MP3 player
by 'jhu'

Interior of a store

Ordering of entries in this section is not intended to be considered a formal ranking
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