Women in Black
"Women in Black" by Christoph Gerber

As the title says this was inspired by the Men in Black movies. The excellent Dominatrix character by Robert Sharkey as Woman in Black placed in a (hopefully) dirty looking industrial environment. In front there is an alien crawling out of a sewer.

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Long Description

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Making Of

Character and rats are Poser models converted to POV-Ray with PoseRay. The water splatches are manually painted height fields and the barrel was made with sPatch. Most of the rest is CSG.
Poser characters were exportet as obj and then converted to mesh2 with PoseRay. I exported figure, cloths, hair, gun, etc. separately to avoid problems with identical names for different materials in Poser. Transparency maps were added to the texture maps as alpha channel with Paint Shop Pro 7.

Speed and Light Considerations

Due to the use of scattering media and focal blur this scene renders very slow. It took allmost 24 hours on a 3.6 GHz P4 with 1 GB RIM under WinXP SP 2. Before I found the Holes Tutorial by Mike Williams it was even slower. Splitting up the pannels with the many holes from one large object with many holes to a union of much smaller object with only a few holes was a huge speed gain.
Due to the slow rendering speed I was forced to make compromises on the lights. I originally wanted soft shadows but I found no way how to use area_lights without ending up with unacceptably slow renders. The usual trick with light groups (using point lights for media and area lights fort the rest of the scene) doesn't work here. In order to brighten up the shadows somewhat I decided to use a mixture of normal and shadowless lighting. The resulting shadows still have sharp edges but at least they are not too dark.

Tools Used

POV-Ray 3.6, Poser 4.03, PoseRay 3.8.0, sPatch 1.5, Paint Shop Pro 7 (to add transparency maps as alpha channels to texture maps) and Photoshop LE (for jpeg conversion)

Supplied Files


Detail Images

Detail 1: 897x1497 @ 408,86

Detail 2: 1498x899 @ 1098,624
Judges Comments

Good composition, but much too cliché. Women deserve better ;)

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