Firstly we would like to thank our sponsors Appro, AMD, Zazzle, and Planet Mirror for making this competition possible, plus our judges Dennis Miller, Evan Hallein, David Hook, Gilles Tran, Lance Birch, and Juha ('Warp') Nieminen for taking time out of their busy schedules over the past two weeks to rank the entries.

  Top 5  

We would like to congratulate Johnny Yip for his excellent entry 'The Last Guardian', which has taken first place as the judges clear favourite. Apart from its wonderful ambience it is a superb use of POV-Ray for modelling, with the entire source (available for download from the website) taking only 75kb zipped (300kb uncompressed).

Johnny wins a superb Appro dual Opteron workstation valued at $10,000. Appro are manufacturers of high-performance workstations, storage, and cluster solutions, whose hardware is ideal for running such CPU-intensive applications as POV-Ray.

Second place is taken by Jaime Vives Piqueres with his photorealistic entry titled 'The Kitchen'. Jaime now has the task of selecting $2,500 worth of goods from as he is the winner of a Zazzle shopping spree! Zazzle is a unique user-to-user creative marketplace based on the WWW where folks can buy and sell custom products such as posters, prints, cards, and apparel. The top 25 images will be made available in poster form from Zazzle in due course.

Third place goes to Ziga Petric (a.k.a. 'Newt') for his futuristic nano-vision 'Dissolution'. Ziga will join Jaime browsing Zazzle's virtual aisles as the winner of a $1,000 zazzle shopping spree.

Fourth place is occupied by two images, which were so close together that rather than choose one over the other, it was decided to award a joint fourth place. Zazzle graciously agreed to provide the same prize to both entrants. Both Douglas Eichenberg and Rene Bui will receive a Zazzle colossal poster for their entries. Douglas submitted a surreal rendering titled 'Victoria's World', which impressed the judges though its level of detail. Rene submitted a quite detailed and artistic take on Jan Vermeer's 'Girl With A Pearl Earring' entitled 'Twin Girls With A Pearl Earring'.

Fifth place was not awarded given the dual fourth place mentioned above.

The full list of primary places is given below.

We would like to thank all entrants for their effort and time and we hope that you all enjoy browsing the excellent contributions to POVCOMP 2004.

The entries can be viewed at the competition website.

  Top 25  
1st: 'The Last Guardian' by Johnny Yip
2nd: 'The Kitchen' by Jaime Vives Piqueres
3rd: 'Dissolution' by Ziga Petric
4th: 'Victoria's World' by Douglas Eichenberg and
 'Twin Girls With A Pearl Earring' by Rene Bui
5th: There is no 5th place due to there being a tie for 4th place
6th: 'Pirates' by 'seawolf'
7th: 'Bradbury Atrium' by Gary MacKinnon
8th: 'Model Expo Entry' by Chris Holtorf
9th: 'Waiting for the relief' by Marc Jacquier
10th: 'Sentinel Rock' by Glenn McCarter
11th: 'Song For The Earth' by Fabien Mosen
12th: 'Natural History Museum' by Sean Day
13th: 'Cybernetic Organism Caealis - Narcissism' by 'selsek'
14th: 'The Three Blind Mice Return' by Jeremy M. Praay
15th: 'Autumn' by 'Slime'
16th: 'The buzzard and the dove' by 'emkaah'
17th: 'Evie Evolves' by Joanne Simpson
18th: 'Early morning tea' by 'St Dunstan'
19th: 'Christmas Eve' by Gennady Obukhov
20th: 'The Peek-a-Blocks' by 'danBhentschel'
21st: 'After the Storm' by Christoph Gerber
22nd: 'Montezumas last meal No.2' by 'splendor'
23rd: 'Pathways' by Robert W. McGregor
24th: 'Japanese spire!' by 'miyoken'
25th: '13 Spiral Spheres' by Robert W. McGregor

  Special Mentions  
'Mobile Home' by Antoine Valentim (humor)
'African Caprice ' by Jim Charter (concept)
'Jewel Planet' by 'JC (Exether)' (abstract)
'Montezuma's Last Meal' by 'Splendor' (psychedelic)
'Jack in the box ' by Kees-Jan Backhuys (humour, modelling)
'Victoria's world' by Douglas Eichenberg (originality)
'Lost in space' by Peter Duthie (detail, sci-fi)
'Calle' by 'Pucks' (detail, modelling)
'Bat in the Belfry' by Skip Talbot (lighting, modelling)
'Elsa's Dolphin' by 'Poussinette' (new talent)

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