Innocent part
"Innocent part" by 'martial'

a n innocent model on pov checker

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Long Description

I have been very inspired by the Checker party in Harry Potter.
I used a modeleur, wings3d; primarily !
And re-worked the code in the povwin-editor
I rendered the scene in two pass,
The first in low resolution for save the radiosity
The second with the radiosity saved.

Making Of

Not Supplied

Tools Used

Magapov 1.1 Beta arrived 16 Aug 2004:
povwinEditor for the code
PoseRay v3.8.2.327
PaintShopPro for colored map (Fou,Dame and Lapin)
Xnview for work-view and convert map to jpeg
Chrix Colefax include
HDRI map from

JWPCE translate Etendars word in japaness

Supplied Files (3 kb)

Detail Images

Detail 1: 1602x800 @ 990,500

Detail 2: 1604x803 @ 660,486
Judges Comments

Cute image, simple (but good) modelling and realisation. Composition is a little fuzzy though, it's hard to see what's going on and the textures on the white pawns don't help.

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