3 glass plates
"3 glass plates" by 'buddy'

three different colored glass plates

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Long Description

This is a simple scene with three colored glass plates placed parallel to each other. The aim was to create an esthetically pleasing, almost abstract image, rather than trying to achieve a realistic scene. I used anti-aliasing with 3x3 rays, no media, no fog, no photons.

Making Of

This scene started with the question: How would a picture look like with plates in the three primary colors, placed in a parallel way on top of each other, with the translucency and reflection involved. First I looked for a good composition using the Moray modeller. Then I a applied a strong point light, but it never looked clear enough, so I applied an area light, giving an even and colorful result, although increasing the rendering time.

Tools Used

1 PC with AMD 650 and 256 kB ram, 120 + 20 GB harddisk,
1 IIyama 19 inch CRT-monitor,
ADSL Internet-connection.

Modeller: Moray 3.5

Supplied Files


Detail Images

Detail 1: 800x800 @ 160,412

Detail 2: 800x800 @ 662,306
Judges Comments

Simple, neat picture with a solid composition. It could have been more visually attractive though. Good abstract is tough...

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