African Caprice
"African Caprice" by Jim Charter

Chimp-like primate and Songye power figure.

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Long Description

The picture's theme is at an intersection of personal interests revolving around depictions of sentience, cg character animation, abstract v mimetic art, evolution, and consciousness. It is a "caprice" in the sense that it juxtaposes elements without requiring that it be plausible necessarily.

Making Of

The two primary figures were modeled in Wings 3D, uvmapped in UVMapper, and converted to SDL mesh2 with Poseray.

The texture maps were developed in Photoshop using texture references from Use was made of customizable brushes.

The ground and background foliage was developed in POV-Tree and Maketree.

The hair on the primate is mesh generated in SDL. Instances were then applied in patches using vertex information which had been exported from Wings in .obj format, extracted from there with Python script, then used to define splines in SDL. The splines were then used to place and orient the hair.

The sky is a hollow sphere with a cylindrical pigment pattern applied.

Tools Used

Athlon 650 running W2000;
Athlon 64 3500+ running Windows XP Home Edition;
Official POV-Ray 3.6.1 for Windows;
Wings 3D by Björn Gustavsson and the Wings 3D developers;
UVMapper Pro by Stephen Cox;
Poseray by FlyerX;
Adobe Photoshop;
Maketree SDL macro by Gilles Tran;
POV-Tree (free version) by Gen Obukhov and Tom Aust;

Texture references from:

Supplied Files


Detail Images

Detail 1: 1284x960 @ 256,173

Detail 2: 1284x964 @ 602,211
Judges Comments

Great concept, great modelling. The rendering, however, is ruined by poor lighting and above all awful antialiasing and graininess. I'm not sure what happened there, because there was the possibility of a great picture.

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