Flower / Kraken
"Flower / Kraken" by 'symbiote'

multi-tentacled ancient outer alien flower titan god kraken entity thingy, or some such

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Long Description

more advanced version of my first entry, it's made of around 400k spheres (around... spheres... get it??) purely synthetic, simple squished spheres casting no shadows, they've assembled specially for this occasion. it looks alot smoother/calmer than the other one, and has enhanced tweaked colors for maximum eyecandy. again, it's a pretty difficult balance between showing the whole object and showing all the funny details. choosing detailed views was heart-wrenching, has it looks really, really awesome at high resolution (note that i am no specialist in these matter, purely subjective observation.) inspiration mostly from lovecraft, final fantasy 1, clash of the titans movie, and mathematics.

Making Of

iterative algorithm, 400000 spheres (they're kind of squished actually), different algo parameters and colors as my first entry. small c program spitting huuuuge (i really have to port it to inside povray) 50 megs .pov file. funny lighting courtesy of a pair of lights, objects are simple no-shadows sphere.

Tools Used

POV-Ray 3.6 for Windows for the rendering.
Bloodshed Dev-C++ to code and compile the little C program.
Vim for various thinkering with C and POV files.
IrfanView 3.92 for the JPEG conversion and detailed scene extraction.
The zipped .POV file was too big to upload (8 megabytes), so I put here:

Supplied Files


Detail Images

Detail 1: 1600x1200 @ 337,509

Detail 2: 1600x1200 @ 800,276
Judges Comments

Nice, but could be stronger, more colourful/dynamic/something

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