yucca desert sunset
"yucca desert sunset" by 'seawolf'

a sunset scene in a desert like environment with some mountains and yucca plants

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Long Description

The idea of the image came to me after looking through some books with landscape photographies.

I tried to capture the mood of a sunset in a desert setting. In the distance mountains are bathed in red sun light. Colorful clouds cover the sky.

In the foreground we see some yucca plants and scrubs.

Making Of

a sphere with gradient texture;
a disc wit a spherical gradienttexture;
a single density file based on a bozo color map;
cylinder primitives with scattering/absorption media;
heightfield with slope dependent texture map;
heightfield with granite texture and bump map;
some macros that create plants with random deviations;

I used MORAY to design and control the overall setting. The plant macros were programmed with the POV-Ray editor.

Tools Used

POV-Ray 3.6.1 official version for rendering - Moray 3.5 for modeling overall scene settings and textures - Photoshop for conversion of image from PNG to JPG - POV-Ray to create image slices of density files for clouds - tga2df3.exe by PodD to transform image slices into density files - World Maschine 0.99 beta by Stephen Schmitt (Shareware) for heightfield of mountain

Supplied Files


Detail Images

Detail 1: 1077x807 @ 807,689

Detail 2: 1079x810 @ 650,909
Judges Comments

Too much work on the clouds (that turn out impressive but still not so convincing) and as a result we can't see anything on the ground.

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