The Minack
"The Minack" by Sean Day

This is my attempt at modelling the Minack theatre in Cornwall, England

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Long Description

The original idea was to have viewed this scene from much further back, with much more of the area modelled but as is normally the case I ran out of time. The scene was started about a month before the first deadline and took up more of my time than I care to admit mainly due to using isosurfaces for most of the objects.

Making Of

Nearly all of the objects in the scene are isosurfaces which explains why it took so long for me to render the image/detail views. Thanks to Gilles Tran for the mkgrass and water effects, the rest is all my own work. The Spider/Web is the only object I had before starting and unfortunately the detail render didn't get far enough to show it properly. Until I started this scene I hadn't used the isosurface object before so thanks to Mike Williams for his excellent isosurface tutorial. (I only wish I had paid more attention in Maths)

I consider this to be WIP and hopefully I can motivate myself to finish off the image and get the lighting/textures a bit (or in some cases lot) better. I also plan to render the scene in different weather conditions (as it is normally raining whenever I go to the Minack..)

Final render of main scene at 1280x1024 took about 5 days. I stupidly decided to do a 6400x5120 render to cut the detail views out of which never actually finished so I had to just cut out two of the top parts of the image for the details views...

Tools Used

Just Good old POV-Ray 3.6 text editor.

Supplied Files


Detail Images

Detail 1: 1280x1024 @ 253,243

Detail 2: 1280x1024 @ 686,244
Judges Comments

Nice try at ancient architecture modelling. Not enough detail though.

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