St Dunstan Church in Flett Street
"St Dunstan Church in Flett Street" by 'St Dunstan'

View on St Dunstan Church in Fleet Street and Sweeney Todd's shop

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Long Description

Fleet Street circa 1800 near St Dunsan in the West church and on opposite corner, Sweeney's Tood's shop, "The demon barber of Fleet Street"

Making Of


The first work on this scene was to have a base environment providing a realistic outdoor lighting following the time ogf the day. So, using the provided macro sunpos, I completed with the sky light, intrensity and colors.
I explain the details on my website


My first attempt to write a macro is on the clock dial which, on this scene ensure correct position for the dial marks, numbers and needle following the time of the day defined for the lighting. Since the version used for my entry, this macro has been highly enhanced to allow use of different textures, arab or roman numbers, possible needle for seconds. The source files example and description will be on my website ASAP


The hung windows and shop fronts and doors use a macro "britwindowpanel" which make a simmple panel of x patches width for y patches high. a parameter tells if the patch is a glass like for the windows and shop doors and fronts or wooden panels like for the low parts of shop fronts. The hung windows are made on another macro calling this previous one for the top and lower panel, defining case dimensions and how open we wish the window The plain panneled doors are made from an object found on the web (see list of tools). I made a macro to make this door resizable, added locks and handles. A second macro making the shop's door with glass patchs


are made using variations around macro building walls by row of superellipsoids introducing for each stone slighr random variations in podition, size and texture.


Objects inside the shops : flat meshes with an image mapped having a transparent color


and the facades casting shadow on the road and reflections in windows are also made of flat meshes with an image mapped having a transparent color


are done using poser 4 or 5 and poseray to get the conversion in povray mesh

Tools Used


Pov Ray 3.6

For various objects like the barber's pole, the chalkboard, the door handles, curtains behind the Barber's front window, support for St Dunstan's clock.

Poser 4 and 5
For the cat, dog and statues above St Dunstan's clock. exported from poser with "poseray 3.0"(

Paint Shop Pro
For all maped texture like the breads, cakes and stuff displayed on both shop's front windows.
The remote buildings after the church ore those casting shadows and reflection on south side are also flat panels with maped textures

Last but not least : assembling the puzzle of images calculated on the different computers.

Third party files
Most macro used for the walls and pavements are modified source from
Gille Tran's macro

The doors are macro I wrote to get customized version of the standard British door found at Pov ray object collection

The columns for the clock house are directly got from the same place.

The master whers calculated on several computers havinf at least 512 MB RAM and processor from 500 Mhz upt to 3 Ghz used on the slowest parts like the front shop

Supplied Files


Detail Images

Detail 1: 824x1126 @ 585,245

Detail 2: 1200x900 @ 1110,130
Judges Comments

Good composition and modelling, lighting too flat.

Great composition, liked the detail. The only problem with the picture is it didn't really have any depth, perhaps it was the lighting, or the lack of some other effects, but it just needed something to give it a bit more 3D.

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