Still Life with Crows
"Still Life with Crows" by Joanne Simpson

Three birds, two people, one landscape, who is really up in the air?

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Long Description

Three ravens lurk by the side of the road.
Are they waiting for a hapless kangaroo, are they waiting for a ride to a greener and more colourful place?
In this monochrome desert, everything and nothing is possible.
In the air, Henry and Joan, doomed to forever float and never touch, mock their passerine companions on the ground.

Making Of

Henry and Joan - Poser 4
Ravens, tyres - laboriously modelled in Wings 3D
rocky outcrop - heightfield
terrain -isosurface, based on these functions by Wolfgang Wieser.

Tools Used

Poser 4
Wings 3D

Supplied Files


Detail Images

Detail 1: 811x808 @ 912,65

Detail 2: 827x805 @ 393,226
Judges Comments

Interesting, original concept, but realisation could be better.

Liked the humour.

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