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If you require support with the competition itself, or wish to offer feedback, please visit our feedback page.

  Support & Resources  

The Persistence of Vision Raytracer has its home on the web at At that site you can obtain more resources than we offer you with respect to using POV-Ray. In particular, the news server (also via nntp) has many tens of thousands of messages from users and operates as an extremely effective peer support system.

Note that if you have never used a raytracer before, you may be surprised at the way POV-Ray works - it is not a 'typical' 3d application which provides a point-and-click graphical interface. If you have any doubt about what can be done with a program like this, though, all you need to do is visit our Hall of Fame.

  Useful Links  

Here are some useful links to POV-Ray resources:

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