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Quad Revised
by 'Shogun'

"Oldschool" surround-sound gaming setup

blood sky heart
by Simeon Scott

If we stop loving, do we stop living? Floating, or falling, in love?

Ranger's Best Friend
by 'jute'

Simple Campfire.

The Citea
by 'JC (Exether)'

This image is based on a word game that works both in French (La Cithé) and in English (The Citea), nothing too fun, it is just an excuse for an image. The text reads "Will be out for a few days, I've been at the Citea to bring you the moon back".

Upper Society
by François Dispot

Being in a "higher situation" can have both a social and a physical meanings. High buildings are often designed to provide both.

Jack in the Box
by Kees-Jan Backhuys

Jack in the box with a Jester

Welcome 2 the Next Level
by 'Phlip'

A garden atop a sculpture, containing sculptures containing gardens...

applied math
by 'Dan Hover'

made to show the similarity and difference in our perception of self similar objects

by 'keycode'

Self-designed chronograph

Sneakin Out
by 'NEWT'

Full moon tonite

Spiritual Fiction
by Gerhard Hoeberth

by 'seawolf'

divers explore a strange artefact

Nothing to do but Watch and Wait
by 'Petah'

A peaceful image of what might come all we can do is sit and watch the fireworks.

Go fetch me the world with a cherry on top
by 'Pygosceles'

What "National Geographic" DOESN'T see... Gestapo Penguin is out for World Conquest once again.

by Pawel Zalewski

by Robert W. McGregor

A secret gathering of *those* things...

by Andrew Kensler

Ball of Star-Shaped Rings in Brick Tower

Shoreline Sentry
by 'Digital Brett'

A remote lighthouse on a rock.

Big Truck !
by 'ZeSly'

Peterbilt 379, a big american truck with shinning chromes.

Christmas Morning
by 'fdameron'

Abstract rendition of a Christmas scene

by 'Roelof'

fantasy robot on a distant planet.

by 'Artemas'

A power plant of an alien civilisation

Japanese pond in winter
by 'Jicha'

Twigs with hoar-frost in a garden under snow and a pond with ice and fish

Maritime Museum
by Larry Boston

Corner of museum with main object the galleon Atocha

Zone 4e
by 'garmo'

Sci-Fi dream scene with transport arm and radio telescopes.

Ordering of entries in this section is not intended to be considered a formal ranking
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