Pipe Organ
"Pipe Organ" by 'NEWT'

Detail of a set of pipes. Any resemblance with actual instrument is purely coinciedencial.

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Long Description

Not Supplied

Making Of

Statues of a woman are 3DS Max model found on 3dcafe.com (she is missing some polygons tough) which I converted to POV with AccuTrans3D utility.
Decoration below the statue is actually hand drawn shape, scanned to bitmap and used in a isosurface object.
Pipes are just CSG.
I also used Jaime Vives Piqueres "Lightsys 4" macros for lights in the scene.

Tools Used

POV-Ray 3.5, AccuTrans3d converting utillity, MS PhotoEdit and CanoScan software
for my scanner

Supplied Files

alt_img1.jpg (233 kb)

Detail Images

Detail 1: 800x800 @ 1144,665

Detail 2: 800x800 @ 20,463
Judges Comments

Interesting composition and lighting. I'm not sure what the women statues are doing there though.

Nice image. Liked the effect, the picture seemed to impart a sense of granduer about the "instrument".

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