"Kraken" by 'symbiote'

Lots of tentacles, lots of purple!

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Long Description

292000 spheres working together to create a nice purple titan-esque kraken-like entity that looks straight out of a H.P. Lovecraft story. Purely synthetic abstract image, made out of spheres and 2 ambient lights. The spheres have been generated using an iterative algorithm cooked up and tweaked over a few months by myself. Inspiration from Lovecraft, the old Final Fantasy 1 game on the NES, Purple Tentacle from the Day of the Tentacle game by Lucasarts, greek mythology (mostly thru the Clash of the Titans movie,) 8 years of engineering school (gotta do something with all that sine and cosine stuff!) and probably a good chunk of subconscious influence sent by the great Cthulhu sleeping deep underwater!

Making Of

This started out as a small project to get back into C++ programming after graduating from school a year ago. Basically, a set of FOR loops are used to generate spheres and set their position, size, and color, and output to a .POV file. At first I only had a few spheres on a 2D plane and worked on getting the right kind of tentacles and the right kind of modulation on said tentacles. Eventually I added more spheres, and it grew up into the monster 3D object you see here. The image contains 292000 spheres, altho not all of them are visible on the submitted image. I tried to balance detail versus full-object as much as I could, i.e. retain as much of the full object as I could, while still showing as much detail as possible. The spheres cast no shadows, which gives the object a kind of glowing nature. I tried several textures and materials, but due to the size and amount of spheres present, a standard RGB color setting gave the best results. The nice lighting is accomplished by 2 ambient lights, one in front of the object, the othe under it. Since the lower part of the object is closer to the camera than the upper part, the lower part of the upper spheres get illuminated by both lights, while the lower spheres only get illuminated by a single light, which gives a really sweet color and light balance in the overall picture.

Rendered in POVRay 3.6.1 for Windows, with no jitter, quality 11 and anti-aliasing (0.001 threshold, depth 6)

Tools Used

Custom tool made by myself in C++ used to generate the .POV file.

Supplied Files (5207 kb)

Detail Images

Detail 1: 1600x1200 @ 796,227

Detail 2: 1600x1200 @ 204,12
Judges Comments

Nice, but could be stronger, more colourful/dynamic/something

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