Under construction
"Under construction" by 'JC (Exether)'

This a kind of something that seems unfinished with some opened parts, just tried to provide some sense of material.

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Long Description

This is some kind of abstract work, it could be anything from a sort of train for fireflies built around a cylinder rail to a spacecraft under construction beeing built by spirits (the small lights around and inside). My intent was mostly to work on the shapes and materials, so it is mostly about looking at it and see if you like it.

Making Of

The main shape is a quite complex blob work. It is based on a set of points that I generated using random points generation and manipulation macros. After that, I used the points to generate the 3 blob based shapes, the orange which is the soft one inside of the global shape, the blue which is the hard edged outside and the glass one which is actually a difference of two blobs. For all of these I used the same points, with just a variation of the forces and radiuses.

The cutaway was simply done by adding big negative blob spheres that annulate a part of the blobs.

The blue texture was taken from Tek's work on metallic painting. Other textures are quite basic ones I made myself.

The ground is an image mapped height field based on a photo I made.

The lighting is done by an HDRI, I used the Galileo Probe that I found on Paul Debevec site and that I used with his authorisation.

Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to render the image with good enough radiosity quality.

Tools Used

Software used: - MegaPov 1.1 for windows - The Gimp 2.0 / Hardware: - 1.2GHz 256Mo laptop - 3.2GHz 2Go PC - 2.6GHz 1Go PC - Minolta Dimage V

Supplied Files


Detail Images

Detail 1: 1280x1024 @ 691,604

Detail 2: 1280x1024 @ 141,410
Judges Comments

Cool rendering, interesting object, but perhaps not enough to make a picture.

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