"street" by 'jhu'

Street sign, stoplight, and a few houses

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Long Description

This is from an image I found on the internet. I think it is located somewhere in San Francisco. I just wanted to see how well I could reproduce the photograph (except in the photograph, there are no clouds).

Making Of

This wasn't really too difficult as all objects are CSGs of regular primitive objects. Boxes, spheres, cylinders, and toruses are all that are used.

Tools Used

Povray 3.5

Supplied Files


Detail Images

Detail 1: 960x1280 @ 620,760

Detail 2: 960x1280 @ 100,440
Judges Comments

Would be really nice but the composition is taken from a picture (which should have been linked to as it takes 5 seconds to find in Google). Also the original pic has additional details that make it more lively. If one's aim is photorealism, why not go all the way?

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