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The Last Guardian
by Johnny Yip
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Ranked 1st

In a place where time stands still, a lonely beast takes guard over the sacred water; it is the last creature of its kind, living proudly within the realm of fantasy and reality.

The Kitchen
by Jaime Vives Piqueres
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Ranked 2nd

Just a little average kitchen

by 'NEWT'
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Ranked 3rd

Intruders floating around in a bloodstream

Victoria's World
by Douglas Eichenberg
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Ranked equal 4th

A surreal take on 'Christina's World'

Twin Girls With A Pearl Earring
by Rene Bui
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Ranked equal 4th

Art memories after Jan Vermeer - Girl With A Pearl Earring (1665-1666).

by 'seawolf'
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Ranked 6th

a pirate ship chased by a navy frigate

Bradbury Atrium
by Gary MacKinnon
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Ranked 7th

The Atrium of the Bradbury Building

Model Expo Entry
by Chris Holtorf
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Ranked 8th

A 1/4 scale model of a WW1 Bently BR2 rotary engine for a model expo entry.

Waiting for the relief
by 'Marc'
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Ranked 9th

An offshore lighthouse in Brittany

Sentinel Rock
by Glenn McCarter
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Ranked 10th

Above a tranquil cove, the cold stone head of Sentinel Rock maintains its eternal vigil over the bay

Song For The Earth
by Fabien Mosen
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Ranked 11th

A Song for Vitrified Earth

Natural History Museum
by Sean Day
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Ranked 12th

Model of the Great Hall in the Natural History Museum in London England

Cybernetic Organism Caealis - Narcissism
by 'selsek'
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Ranked 13th

There's just her and her reflection...

The Three Blind Mice Return
by Jeremy M. Praay
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Ranked 14th

The three blind mice return... but this time, she's ready.

by 'Slime'
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Ranked 15th

A red tree amidst a forest of yellow trees in the fall.

The buzzard and the dove
by 'emkaah'
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Ranked 16th

A buzzard attacking a dove above the cathedral of St. John.

Evie Evolves
by Joanne Simpson
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Ranked 17th

Evie sits, poised; what is she thinking?

Early morning tea
by 'St Dunstan'
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Ranked 18th

St Dunstan church and Todd's shop seen from facing apartment at first storey

Christmas Eve
by Gennady Obukhov
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Ranked 19th

XIX century scene

The Peek-a-Blocks
by 'danBhentschel'
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Ranked 20th

A handful of blocks in the foreground, with a glimpse of a whole room full of blocks reflected in the mirror.

After the Storm
by Christoph Gerber
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Ranked 21st

After a storm on a humid, alien planet the inscets enjoy a break before the next storm will hit them

Montezumas last meal No.2
by 'splendor'
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Ranked 22nd

a vision

by Robert W. McGregor
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Ranked 23rd

This work features multiple layers of non-periodic tube patterns with tiny spheres scattered throughout.

Japanese spire!
by 'miyoken'

Ranked 24th

The five-storied pagoda in Horyuji Temple is the oldest existing wooden structure, and is registered also into the world heritage of UNESCO. In fact, there is no it on the sea. Buddhism and construction technology came to Japan across the sea.

13 Spiral Spheres
by Robert W. McGregor
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Ranked 25th

Twelve satellite spiral spheres encircle a main spiral sphere.

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