"Montemerano" by Gary MacKinnon

A realistically styled rendering of an Italian residential fascade.

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Long Description

A realistically styled rendering of an Italian residential fascade. The scene here was inspired by a photograph found in the book "The Most Beautiful Villages of Tuscany" by James Bentley and Hugh Palmer.

Making Of

The most interesting feature here is the Ivy. The ivy was grown from the ground up in segments. The direction of each sequential segment is basically random except when a candiate segment fell outside it's boundaries such as windows and doors or too far from the buildings the segment was discarded and a new one tried. I believe that capabilities like this distinguish Povray from other more commercial tools where the use of a computer algorithm to create parts of a scene is not supported.

Tools Used

Povray 3.5, Paint Shop Pro (to convert to JPEG)

Supplied Files


Detail Images

Detail 1: 809x902 @ 3353,215

Detail 2: 832x807 @ 762,186
Judges Comments

Interesting algorithm and nice composition (but derived from a photograph). Lighting way too flat, just like in the "Calle" image and a bunch of other pictures.

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