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"MP3 player" by 'jhu'

Interior of a store

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Long Description

This appears to be an Apple store interior. I got the idea when visiting my local Apple store and thought their interior layout is really snazzy. I'm not really an Apple partisan. Instead I'm more of a general computer guy. But I can still appreciate good interior design.

Making Of

The objects in the image were entirely created using a text editor. So that means all objects are CSGs of some sort. Boxes, cylinders, cones, and toruses are all the objects you see. The MP3 player is a bunch of cylinders and boxes with arial font as the text. The speakers are differenced isosurfaces with some cylinders here and there. the headphones are just cylinders, spheres, and toruses. The background computers are just boxes with image maps on them.

The image maps for the brochures were scanned from actual brochures. The banners in the background were random images I picked up on the internet. The same goes for the screen displays on the computers. The wooden tiled floor is also due to a random internet search for wood tiles.

Tools Used

povray 3.5, vi, gimp

Supplied Files


Detail Images

Detail 1: 1707x800 @ 555,518

Detail 2: 1707x800 @ 173,540
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