The Dreams of Elephants
"The Dreams of Elephants" by Kees-Jan Backhuys

A gathering of elephants and dodecahedrons

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Long Description

Elephants stand amazed at different places in a dreamy landscape filled with dodecahedrons galore.

Making Of

This painting demonstrates the use of three macros I wrote for the POV-Ray raytracer:

-1- A texture macro that creates a pattern of alternating tiles in random colors, displaying an object-pattern in the contrasting color from the surrounding tile. It can be used on planes (as was done in this drawing) or wrapped around cylinders, spheres or tori.

To honor this competition I used the POV-Ray logo, but it can be used to display any object within the texture.

-2- A macro which creates star-faced dodecahedrons, single ones or rows stacked on top of each other, in 158 different varieties. This painting only shows 30 different ones, due to the limits of my crappy old, and very slow PC. The 5-pointed stars which form the faces of the dodecahedron vary from simple to very complicated structured.

These dodecahedron-stars have random contrasting textures, generated with a macro that calculates bundles of colors that have a fixed minimum distance, therefore making sure that no 2 connecting colors are more or less alike.

-3- A macro that can place objects in space at random without them touching each other. It can be used in 3D or 2D. In this picture I used the macro to scatter around the objects at random, without 2 or more ending up in too close a proximity, so they never touch nor 'grow though' each other.

The elephants are the African Elephant from DAZ. Apart from conversion programs, no modelers where used in the creating of this picture. Everything was thought out and programmed on paper and typed in by hand.

No elephants were harmed in the making of this picture!

Tools Used

Paint Shop Pro 5 to convert the images from TGA to JPEG; PoseRay v3.8.2.327 to convert the DAZ-elephants to POV-Ray include files.

Supplied Files


Detail Images

Detail 1: 1280x960 @ 883,489

Detail 2: 1280x960 @ 448,96
Judges Comments

Nice, simple. Interesting CSG. Lacks a little focus, contrast.

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