Brazilian Shangri-la
"Brazilian Shangri-la" by Antoine Valentim

This is a town lost in the clouds, in some remote corner of Brazil.

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Long Description

The buildings are based on some I saw in photos of Brazil, with tiled roofs and pastel-colored window and door frames. I added a cloudscape in the background to give it a Shangri-La feeling, and I tried to add to the illusion of altitude by looking down on the buildings, similar to some commonly seen views of skyscrapers, although these are regular-sized buildings.

Making Of

The buildings are CSG. The flag was made in Wings3d. I simulated the decorative ironwork on the balconies using a turbulated crackle, flipped and repeated accordingly. The bannister railings on the flag tower were made with SpilinEditor. The roof tiles are CSG, rotated and placed from within a loop.

The main research-and-development innovation in the making of this image was the cumulus clouds. They are built up using trace and eval_pigment in order to give them a suitable bumpy appearance. I also used crackle form as a texture on the clouds to make them look bumpier. I think the technique makes pretty good cumulus clouds, in terms of overall shape and color.

Tools Used

computer: 433 Celeron running Windows 98
Wings3d for the flag
PoseRay to convery Wing3D output to POV-Ray mesh
SpilinEditor for the bannister railings
My own software for getting the POV-Ray RGB colors from photos
IrfanView for conversion to JPEG, and measuring dimensions of objects in photos, during the research phase.

Supplied Files


Detail Images

Detail 1: 1280x960 @ 512,384

Detail 2: 1280x960 @ 512,768
Judges Comments

Nice try and but the picture hesistates between photorealism and a more painterly approach and isn't completely successful.

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