"cube" by Tilo Helmig

transparent cube with drillings on each plane

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Long Description

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Making Of

I have seen a object like this for a lot of years, the used material was aluminium. The construction isself was not very difficult but to find the right values for light, ior and so on was a very long process. The problem here was that need a very long to to complete a picture. After my decision to take part on the povcomp 2004 I have try to increase the render speed. It was successfull, the current picture is calculated 5 times faster. What have I done? THe solution was that I have removed all 'unions', that I not really need, add the adc_bailout for example.

Tools Used

The tools are:
a) povray 3.6.1 (win32/linux)
b) image magick's convert (convert ppm to jpg)
c) signature.pov

Supplied Files (2 kb)

Detail Images

Detail 1: 1281x961 @ 511,551

Detail 2: 1281x960 @ 710,55
Judges Comments

Interesting try at dispersion, but more a demo than a finished image.

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