Evie Evolves
"Evie Evolves" by Joanne Simpson - ranked 17th
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Evie sits, poised; what is she thinking?

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Long Description

Evie evolved from a quite complex scene set in a 1930s living room.
I realised as the scene evolved that the only thing I was really interested in was the character.
She is a step away from the typical cheesecake portrait of the 3D artist - older, wiser, more thoughtful.
Photography is my second love and I wanted to capture the style of pre-war photographers such as Man Ray and Cecil Beaton.

Making Of

After much modelling of objects that I then didn't use, Evie is very simple.
Evie was developed from Poser 5's Judy, and the drape of her clothing was also created in Poser.
The sofa was modelled in Wings 3D.You can't tell in the dark, but it is nicely realistic, down to the saggy cushions. The easiest part - only a few minutes to model.
The clothing and hair texture (same) was made in PovRay, from a complicated colour map and normal. Lighting is simply two area lights of 9 lights each.
I used Pose2Ray to convert from Poser to PovRay. Pose2Ray applies phongs to surfaces by default which resulted in unnaturally shiny skin and distracting reflections on the eyes. I resorted to hand-editing the Pose2Ray output to get the textures looking the way I wanted.
I also found the output was inverted if I manually included the file in a PovRay file and rendered, though it was the right way round rendering in PovRay from Pose2Ray. Can't work that one out.
Poser 5, though producing much more human figures than version 4, is still a continual struggle with bugs and performance. I wasted hours on things that were supposed to work and didn't.

Tools Used

PovRay 3.6
Poser 5
Wings 3D

Supplied Files


Detail Images

Detail 1: 1000x1001 @ 594,294

Detail 2: 1000x1001 @ 538,860
Judges Comments

Great composition, great use of Poser, great mood, great female character study (a rare thing in CG where all women tend to be leather-clad buxom babes). Interesting use of graininess to suggest a photographic aspect. On the minus side, it's mostly a Poser image and POV-Ray isn't much used here ; some visible artefacts (polygons on the character's face, fingers intersecting with the couch) show up on the detail views.

Another great example of dealing well with female subjects. Interesting effort at trying to reproduce the feel of a photograph. Only real shortcoming is it was not very POV intensive, but it's an idea which could be developed further.

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