Cybernetic Organism Caealis - Narcissism
"Cybernetic Organism Caealis - Narcissism" by 'selsek' - ranked 13th
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There's just her and her reflection...

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Long Description

Under a warm sky, in a place frozen in time, frozen from life...

A cybernetic organism [cyborg], like a lonely child who has grown without seeing anyone, any face, sees her own image in the water and stares at it... The only face she has ever seen.

Is this obsession, is this love? With what to compare this emotion?

Making Of

I wanted something cool. I wanted some technology within it, but not too much. Something that reminded me those times where i watched the rain falling... you know, where time passes slowly.

Robots are easier to make in a modeller like Gmax. So I made one. And as female are better-looking than male ones, i made a female cyborg. I named her Caealis. It doesn't mean anything, it just sounds good to me.

The scene had to have a meaning, a story. I chose something about us, about the man itself: there's I, and no one else. We look to ourselves, we do things for others to feel better, etc. It's about selfishness. Me, myself and I. I love me. As in the Narcissus' story, we may drown in our own reflection...

Most of the scene was made in POV.

The plants were made in Metasequoia (in fact, I only made one leaf, which was duplicated in POV). Water ripples are simply pov's normals.

I would have liked to add more details. I didn't have enough time, sorry.

Anyway. This is my entry for Povcomp 2004.

Tools Used

The cyborg was modelled in Gmax, then converted in MD3 with a plugin, then in obj with 3D exploration (deep exploration), and finally in pov mesh with poseray.
Metasequoia was used to model the leaves.
The png mask was made in photofiltre.
Foobar2000 was used to listen to music during the renderings.

All but one softwares are freeware!

Supplied Files (11 kb)

Detail Images

Detail 1: 819x1029 @ 448,800

Detail 2: 846x802 @ 1072,468
Judges Comments

A very good, moving concept. Nice modelling, and interesting use of CSG (the low relief on the wall). The atmosphere is good (nice brown tones) but could have been more moody, with the lighting more centered on the main character. Other nitpicks: the green colour should have been used more sparingly, the steam is useless (or it should have been in the same brown hues) and the character's reflection should be visible (otherwise it's hard to say what's going on there without the title).

I though this was a very interesting concept. Liked the use of colour. The only thing I thought it feel down on was the ripples in the tank were a bit over done, there is a hint of the cyborg's arm in the pool, but, given the title, you would expect that there would be more visible detail in the cyborg's reflection. Without the title it's hard to see anything other than the cyborg dipping her hand in the water. Great effort otherwise though - I think this image could be taken a lot further.

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