Song For The Earth
"Song For The Earth" by Fabien Mosen - ranked 11th
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A Song for Vitrified Earth

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Long Description

On some distant satellite, years after the earth has been vitrified by a total nuclear war, some strange creatures are playing a Song For The Earth on their organ.

Making Of

CSG and meshes created with Wings3D or taken from free internet ressources.
Mostly procedural textures, often multi-layered, and sometimes mixed with bitmap mapping.
Several coloured arealights (one below the trees, some green at the pump's base, and a 'filler' one).

Look into the 'source' files I provided, you will find a series of images which a worth a thousand words about the making of this image.
IMPORTANT : the image is best viewed with a monitor gamma of about 2.8. For detailed instructions about how to set your monitor gamma, check POV-Ray documentation for "gamma".
Tools Used

POV-Ray 3.6

Corel Draw Essentials (Draw 9 and Paint 9)
  for : keyboard pads, score and vu-meter map

 Wings 3D 0.9-22c
  for : many objects, see images in ZIP file for
  detailed information

 POV-Tree 1.5b by Gena Obukov
  for : trees

  for : conversion of aquatic plant meshes

 Corel Draw Essentials (Draw 9 and Paint 9)
  for : keyboard pads, score and vu-meter map
  for free aquatic plants meshes
  for out-of-copyright music sheet

Supplied Files

organ-add01.jpg (647 kb)
organ-add02.jpg (726 kb)
organ-add03.jpg (391 kb)
organ-add04.jpg (251 kb)
organ-add05.jpg (386 kb)

Detail Images

Detail 1: 1002x1002 @ 908,79

Detail 2: 1003x1001 @ 75,625
Judges Comments

With Victoria's world, it's the most imaginative picture of the whole lot, with interesting, detailed modelling (the detail views are great) It lacks focus in composition: there's so much stuff that it's hard to see what's going on.

Really captured a "fantasy" feel very well. Great attention to detail, perhaps a bit too busy which made it difficult to find a focus point for the image. Some great ideas nonetheless.

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