Natural History Museum
"Natural History Museum" by Sean Day - ranked 12th
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Model of the Great Hall in the Natural History Museum in London England

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Long Description

This is a combined entry to povcomp and the November/December round of IRTC I added slightly more detail for the povcomp entry and would have liked to have rendered it at a higher resolution using isosurface objects but with so many light sources and focal blur it just wasn't going to finish on time. Had to stop it after about 15 percent was done and turn off the isosurface objects and add normal's to the plain boxes/cylinders etc... The image shows the great hall in the Natural History museum an amazing building with so much detail that I couldn't really do it credit. Also I would have liked to have shown a little bit of the dinosaur skeleton that they have there but ran out of time..

Making Of

The image was modelled using the two pass technique for generating radiosity data, it took 5 days to generate the data at 1024x768 then 5 days to render at 1280x960. In the end I couldn't show the isosurface objects as it wouldn't have finished on time, also at the high resolution for some reason the isosurface version shadows become really blocky strange... All modelled using POV SDL the gargoyle like creature around the arch is just a blob as is the statue, all textures are procedural the only image map was created using POV to generate a 4 colour brick pattern to use for a texture map

The spotlights use media for the glow effect.

I would have liked to have chosen different areas for the detail sections but I had to choose ones that would finish rendering before the deadline..

Tools Used

Just POV-Ray 3.6

Supplied Files (203 kb)

Detail Images

Detail 1: 1280x960 @ 658,669

Detail 2: 1280x960 @ 968,17
Judges Comments

Solid POV-Ray modelling, good lighting. Suffers from the usual problem of architectural images: they could be a lot more interesting if something happened there...

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