Early morning tea
"Early morning tea" by 'St Dunstan' - ranked 18th
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St Dunstan church and Todd's shop seen from facing apartment at first storey

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Long Description

This is the view you might have on April 15 at 07:15 AM waiting to cool a bit a too hot cup of tea in the fresh outdoor air.

The umbrella will not be necessary in this full shiny day and can be left hanged at the corner of the bookshelf. The gin bottle is in safe place out of kid's range the book below "Eclairage d'une sombre legende" by Pierre Dupont and the letter at the bottom make my signature as well for the illustration hanged on the left showing another part in London at 10:10 PM (an October ten, off course).

Just in front of the window is the dark filthy Todd's barber shop where so many gents came by the door to get an "easy shaving for 1 penny, as good as one would find any" and left by the catacombs network of the church up to Mrs Lovett's shop as... component of her famous meat pies.

For more details about inside Todd's and Mrs Lovett's shops... please, wait the next contest ;)

Making Of


Is almost the same as for the first entry. The point of view, date and time are changed to have a morning lighting. Then a closed cube with the window hole is built around the camera to suggest a point of view from a room at first storey in a building facing Todd's shop and the church. A fine perspective analyst might find two "cheat":
  • The room is a bit lower than afirst storey
  • This because I wanted to have anough of the road visible with the view axis still horizontal
  • The z position of the wall and thus window is shifted backward
  • This, to get the wished area visible through the window while keeping an acceptable perspective effect.
Two area light where added in the room. One of them is reflected as a look like sphere with a gradient pattern. An additional area light has been added outside immediately at the right of the window to enforce color contrast between the inside lighting, yellow orange giving a warm atmosphere and the gray blue lightin outside suggesting the cold morning air outside.


The first work on this scene was to have a base environment providing a realistic outdoor lighting following the time ogf the day. So, using the provided macro sunpos, I completed with the sky light, intrensity and colors. I explain the details on my website


descibed for my first entry is hardly visible here through two layers of glass patch.


is made with an enhanced version of the church clock macro. then rendered with quick settings with a background of image mapped boxes to get the building fronts. The whole is used as image map in the global object including framz, front glass drawing and backboard.


The hung windows and shop fronts and doors use a macro "britwindowpanel" which make a simmple panel of x patches width for y patches high. a parameter tells if the patch is a glass like for the windows and shop doors and fronts or wooden panels like for the low parts of shop fronts. The hung windows are made on another macro calling this previous one for the top and lower panel, defining case dimensions and how open we wish the window


are made using variations around macro building walls by row of superellipsoids introducing for each stone slighr random variations in podition, size and texture.


Is an union of 12 rotated intersections scaled sphere


Is CSG of superellipsoidscones and cylinders.

Tools Used

Software: Pov Ray 3.6
Moray For various objects like the barber's pole, the chalkboard, the window handles, curtains, rag on the chair's back Tea cup an saucer, Gin bottle and drawing in frame.
Poser 4 and 5 For statues above St Dunstan's clock. exported from poser with "poseray 3.0"(http://user.txcyber.com/~sgalls/)
Paint Shop Pro For all maped texture like the wallpaper or gin label. Last but not least : assembling the puzzle of images calculated on the different computers. Third party files
Most macro used for the walls and pavements are modified source from Gille Tran's macro (http://www.oyonale.com/ressources/francais/sources02.htm) The doors are macro I wrote to get customized version of the standard British door found at Pov ray object collection http://objects.povworld.org/ The columns for the clock house are directly got from the same place. The chair on the left also from povworld.org is modified to get smooth rounded angles and more fancy rearpost.
The bookshelf at right comes also from povworld.
 Hardware: The master whers calculated on several computers having at least 512 MB RAM and processor from 2 Mhz upt to 3.2 Ghz upon availability.

Supplied Files

167_source.zip (11629 kb)

Detail Images

Detail 1: 1038x802 @ 890,924

Detail 2: 840x801 @ 624,520
Judges Comments

I like the concept and the design. I'm split over the lighting that I find too flat, in the usual POV-Ray fashion, but on the other hand it gives the image a painterly look. It's still lacking mood.

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