13 Spiral Spheres
"13 Spiral Spheres" by Robert W. McGregor - ranked 25th
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Twelve satellite spiral spheres encircle a main spiral sphere.

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Long Description

Twelve satellite spiral spheres encircle a main spiral sphere.

Inspired by the ubiquitious artist/mathematician M. C. Esher, these 13 spiral spheres comprise various numbers of windings and spacial orientation, making each a unique work of silver and gold.

Making Of

The 13 spiral spheres are created from sphere_sweep objects (which, although greatly improved since v3.5, do still seem to have some buggy artifacts at certain angles). The meat and potatoes of this composition is the creation of the spiral spheres themselves, and for that I came up with this simple and efficient macro that allows any number of windings and sizes:

// #macro: Spherical_Spiral()
// Note: Sometimes you've got to play around with the incr value to get pt_cnt
// to work out right for the sphere_sweep.
// Usually adjusting incr +/- a few hundredths will solve a parsing problem...

#macro Spherical_Spiral(turns, outer_rad, tube_rad, incr)
#local pt_cnt = int(pi/incr+0.5);
#local tt = 0;
sphere_sweep {
#while (tt < pi)
#local xt = outer_rad * cos(turns*2*tt) * sin(tt);
#local yt = outer_rad * sin(turns*2*tt) * sin(tt);
#local zt = outer_rad * cos(tt);
#local tt = tt + incr;
tolerance 0.1
rotate x*90

Tools Used

Povray 3.6 for Windows, my imagination.

Supplied Files

148_source.zip (1 kb)

Detail Images

Detail 1: 1200x1200 @ 720,860

Detail 2: 1200x1200 @ 460,200
Judges Comments

Nice, simple and delicate image. Nice use of POV-Ray SDL. The background could have been more interesting. More shapes would have been welcome to.

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