"Elsa's dolphin" by 'poussinette'

A mediterranean dolphin playing in posidonie grass

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Long Description

Elsa wanted to design a dolphin, perhaps because the rediffusion of the television serie flipper. All children loves dolphins. After having created the dolphin, she wanted to insert in her image some exotic fishes with beautifull colors. She enjoyed very well choose the colors in the colormap picker of moray and see immediately the result. Using the Gilles Tran make grass was very diificult for her. After many trials she finished to understand part of the multiple parameters of the plugin. The heightfield in the back of the vue was not so difficult to explain. Moray is a very very good soft to learn mathematics to children. Elsa can see immediately the result of csg and see what is a difference or an intersection. She also make progress understanding space view of the forms. Thanks to Lutz KRETZSCHMAR.

Elsa's grandfather

Making Of

The drawing is designed with Moray 3.5 build 9669. The rendering is made with povray 3.5. Elsa is 7 yars old and she designed the dolphin using bezier patches. She can edit the patch and move the highlighted points to model the form. For the textures it's a bit difficult, so her grand-fther has to help a bit.

Rendering the bottom of the seaz was a big problem. So, after some trials, she choose 2 infinite planes. The lower plane is roteted to obtain an far intersection with the upper one.

For the bubbles, multiple copies where done, and the little spheres where manually moved at the right place.

The rendering takes 1 hour

Tools Used

1024 RAM
MORAY 3.5 BUILD 9369

Supplied Files


Detail Images

Detail 1: 1300x975 @ 305,0

Detail 2: 1300x900 @ 850,300
Judges Comments

Very promising for a 7-year old!

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