Japanese spire!
"Japanese spire!" by 'miyoken' - ranked 24th

The five-storied pagoda in Horyuji Temple is the oldest existing wooden structure, and is registered also into the world heritage of UNESCO. In fact, there is no it on the sea. Buddhism and construction technology came to Japan across the sea.

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Long Description

I like the word "spire".
It's like the word "inspire":)
I did the modeling of the spire of Notre Dame several years ago.
And I looked for the Japanese spire. I tried to it for POVCOMP2004.

Thanks to Ken Tyler for giving me the inspiration.

Making Of

The pagoda and The flower of lotus were modeled with hamaPatch by me. for the sky and the sea I modified and used Samuel Benge's visible light source (from news.povray.org). Thanks to Samuel Benge. I used radiosity setting.

Tools Used

POV-Ray3.6 for windows:
IrfanView(to convert to jpeg)

Supplied Files


Detail Images

Detail 1: 829x824 @ 456,540

Detail 2: 825x823 @ 480,192
Judges Comments

Very good modelling, good water texture. Seems a little bit pointless to me. It's a spire in the water and then what?

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