Montezumas last meal No.2
"Montezumas last meal No.2" by 'splendor' - ranked 22nd
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a vision

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Long Description

Montezuma the last but one emporer of the Aztec world. It is said he owned a garden with flowers made of gold. He probably was not aware ,eating his last meal when the upcomming rage of his own people stoned him. Here a vision in a voluptous splendour at its climax ,bearing the spell for decline.

Making Of

2 area lights . Background. 1 plane at the bottom. A sweep sphere for the stems. everything else the good old and beloved blob , just pigmented with the blob ability to make hard or subtle color changes. No mapping at all. The core cells are in And CSG of course. And tweaking and rendering.And tweaking and rendering. And tweaking and rendering.... p.s. to the POV-Team :take my regards and thank you for your vision.

Tools Used

Credit goes to Chris Colfax :because I used his bend macro .
Everything else just the Persistence Of Vision Raytracer.

Supplied Files (15 kb)
montez_no_2portrait.jpg (413 kb)

Detail Images

Detail 1: 1280x960 @ 401,36

Detail 2: 1280x960 @ 114,969
Judges Comments

Very, very interesting image. It's a little bit on the colourful side, but on the other hand it's a neat departure from photorealism, and it really stands on its own. I kept bumping it up during the judging process.

Great example of effective "non-photo real" rendering. Nice detail, edges of table just seemed a bit odd, both front and back. Think it is something that could be taken further.

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