"Dissolution" by 'NEWT' - ranked 3rd
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Intruders floating around in a bloodstream

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Long Description

Not Supplied

Making Of

Mechanical bodies were made with CSG from scraped robot hand that I created as my first POV project, but never knew what to do with it.
Blood cells were made with JPatch modeller.
I used Jaime Vives Piqueres "Lightsys 4" macros for lights in the scene.

Tools Used

POV-Ray 3.5, JPatch, Coreldraw and Photoshop for textures

Supplied Files

128_source.zip (535 kb)
Alt img1.jpg (511 kb)
Alt img2.jpg (190 kb)
Alt img3.jpg (665 kb)

Detail Images

Detail 1: 800x800 @ 1011,550

Detail 2: 800x800 @ 0,665
Judges Comments

A top image: good CSG, good composition, good lighting, interesting concept. Could have been more dynamic (a thingie at work in the background would have made the pic more interesting) and the blood cells could have been less plastic-looking, but otherwise it's a very nice image.

A visually outstanding image. This takes me back to the early days of POV-Ray when I marvelled at how simple concepts could be made to look so good! The sheer sharpness of the image, the colours and the contrast (both in lighting and in modelling - the soft cells versus the pointy mechanical bodies), are just wonderful. The depth of field is tastefully used and helps to emphasise the highly detailed subjects. The cells have a little artifact, but nothing to be concerned about (the texture is great). Again, a job well done! This is what Microcosm should have been!

Created a very photo-realistic feel even though the setting for the image was completely fictitous. Great to see someone making such good use of CSG rather than relying just on importing polygon meshes. Excellent level of detail.

Sometimes simple images are more impressive than extremely detailed and cluttered images, and this is an excellent example of this. The image has a very appealing photorealism, and the attention to detail in the relevant parts is commendable. Big plus for creative use of POV-Ray primitives and CSG (instead just using cheap meshes). The bloodcells are perhaps a bit plastic-looking, but on the other hand faithfulness to reality is not the point in this image (there wouldn't be this kind of lighting in a bloodstream in the first place), which is completely ok.

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