Our Judges  

There were six judges who ranked the submissions. Three were users familiar with POV-Ray, and three were from 'outside' the POV-Ray community. All ranking was done 'blind' in that the judges did not know the identity of the author of any particular image (the copyright signatures you can see on each image were added after ranking was completed).

The judges are: Dennis Miller, David Hook, Evan Hallein, Gilles Tran, Juha ('Warp') Nieminen, and Lance Birch.

  Brief Bios  
Dennis Miller
Dennis is on the Music faculty of Northeastern University in Boston where he heads the Music Technology program and serves on the Multimedia Studies Steering Committee. His mixed media works have been presented at numerous venues throughout the world, most recently the DeCordova Museum, the 9th New York Digital Salon, the 2003 Art in Motion screenings, Images du Nouveau Monde, CynetArts, Sonic Circuits, the Cuban International Festival of Music, and the 2002 New England Film and Video Festival, where he won Best Animation. His work was also presented at the gala opening of the new Disney Hall in Los Angeles (2003) and at SIGGRAPH 2001 in the Emerging Technologies gallery. Recent exhibits of his 3D still images include the Boston Computer Museum and the Biannual Conference on Art and Technology, as well as publication in Sonic Graphics: Seeing Sound, published by Rizzoli Books. Miller's music and artworks are available via his website.

David Hook
David is a computer consultant who has been involved with computer graphics and, more particularly, ray tracing since the late 80s. Current chair of the Melbourne ACM SIGGRAPH Professional Chapter in Australia.

Evan Hallein
Evan is a 3D/stereographic animator, cinematographer and software developer. After finishing a Bachelor of Multimedia at Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia, he has been working at Swinburne for the last 2 years on various stereoscopic projects.

Gilles Tran
Gilles is a POV-Ray user of more than 10 years standing and a renowned POV artist in his own right. His Book of Beginnings is a popular destination for POV users.

Juha ('Warp') Nieminen
Warp is a programmer, computer graphics hobbyist and developer, has been a POV-Ray user for 10 years, and has made minor contributions to the POV-Ray development and documentation.

Lance Birch
Lance is a website and graphic designer who has been a POV-Ray user for 10 years.

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