The Staircase
"The Staircase" by 'Veggie'

"The Staircase" is a render of a modern apartment, during lateafternoon on a overcast day.

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Long Description

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Making Of

To make "the staircase" I first sketched out my plan on paper, both of the wall, the living room, and the apartment/loft, as well as the design for the furniture, the floor, the stairsteps, etc.... I then went and modelled everything in anim8or, exported to .3ds, then used poseray to convert it over to POV and to select the camera angle, I then used POV-ray to adjust all of the materials, and radiosity etc.... the lighting setup is simple, only using plain radiosity and a sky_sphere with a tiny adjustment in color going from 1.1,1.1,0 to 0,0,1.1. I modelled the complete apartment including windows and skylights in order to create the realistic light of an overcast day, there are no BMP textures, only the P_stone3 and one of the wood textures(which came with POV) with an adjustment in color. (note: too the judges: I made detailed view 2 with slightly lower radiosity setting so that it would run a little quicker, but I did not change the model detail.)

Tools Used

Anim8or(, and poseray, the marble and wood textures were included with Pov-ray.

Supplied Files


Detail Images

Detail 1: 951x1271 @ 725,908

Detail 2: 941x1257 @ 498,425
Judges Comments


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